Muntins & Grids


Decorative grids enhance the look of any glass structure. Grids are available in a wide variety of patterns and styles.

Quaker Windows & Doors offers two types of grids: interior muntins and exterior grids combined with an interior shadow bar which creates simulated divided lites (SDLs). The interior muntins are placed inside the airspace between two panes of glass. This type of muntin can be formed into almost any grid style, including radius designs. Muntins are a great option, because they are inside the glass and are dust and maintenance free.

Muntins Between the Glass:

Exterior grids are just as they sound. It is a grid placed on the outside of the window which will be in contact with the elements and also on the interior of the room. For insulated glass windows, this means the air space between the two panes of glass is occupied by an shadow bar, which follows the shape of the grids for a seamless integration. This piece mimics the look of antique grids where there were individual pieces of glass cut around a frame.

SDLs & Grids:

Both grid types can be used in any of the windows Quaker offers, including standard bays, fixed and operable windows, doors, picture windows, sliding glass doors and windows, and transom bays. Take a look at some of the grid variations we offer below.