Project Profile: Cleveland Housing Authority, Cleveland, OH

In 1971, the Cuyahoga Metro Housing Authority of Cleveland, Ohio erected a 4 building complex. While all 4 structures are prominent, none were built the same. The 4 buildings are:

  • – 6-story King Kennedy North
  • – 7-story Beachcrest
  • – 16-story Addison Square
  • – 22-story Willson Tower

In 2009, the entire complex was approved for a federal grant to identify and improve energy inefficiencies within the complex. Among the areas ticketed for replacement were the windows. The architect and all parties involved from the CMHA were adamant that energy efficiency was a top priority for the new windows. Nothing less than .40 U-Value would be acceptable. But the new products also needed to be solid structurally. And last but not least, it all needed to fit inside the $1.5 million allotted window budget. In stepped Quaker, which had the perfect product to fill the bill; our E350 Series horizontal sliders, which met all of the thermal and structural specifications and installation went off without a hitch.