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The Evolution Continues
The CityLine/C600 Series of windows provides a unique balance of strength, energy efficiency, innovative design, and flexibility. By leveraging our years of advanced architectural design, engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities, OptiCore patented products provide a superior Architecturally Enhanced Aluminum window system that maximizes thermal and structural performance.

Available CityLine Styles


Wood Windows That Endure
The TimberLine/W600 Wood Window Series truly is the evolution of wood windows. Specially designed and engineered to create a long-lasting window that offers the beauty of wood, in combination with advanced OptiCore Technology that ensures superior thermal and structural performance, while offering a myriad of IDEA options for your home.

Available TimberLine Styles


Designed for Performance

OptiCore’s Patented Technology uses architecturally enhanced aluminum to deliver Structural, Thermal, and Sound performance unlike any other window in the industry.

Designed as a single framing system that offers the option of either a wood or aluminum interior, it’s at home in both a residential and commercial application.

Superior Structural Performance

CityLine/C600 and TimberLine/W600 windows are tested to meet the highest window industry standards, including rigorous AW testing for both minimum and maximum gateway sizes.

Quaker also utilizes sealant injected double corner key construction for maximum corner joinery and frame strength. This design assures you that every OptiCore product will continue to provide superior performance while offering combination flexibility to meet your architectural style.

Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

Whether wood or aluminum is your interior of choice, Quaker’s OptiCore Technology provides exceptional energy efficiency and thermal performance values that are unequalled in the industry.

A temperature difference you can feel regardless of the weather, Thermally enhanced aluminum allows both the CityLine/C600 and TimberLine/W600 products to not only meet, but also exceed Energy Star guidelines in all 50 states.


Dual Glazed 1” IG (Standard)
C600/CityLine Series “Aluminum Interior”
CA/AW 0.25 U-Value
FXD 0.23 U-Value

W600/TimberLine Series “Natural Wood Interior”
CA/AW 0.24 U-Value
FXD 0.22 U-Value

Triple Glazed 1 3/8” IG (Optional)
C600/CityLine Series “Aluminum Interior”
CA/AW 0.19 U-Value
FXD 0.15 U-Value

W600/TimberLine Series “Natural Wood Interior”
CA/AW 0.17 U-Value
FXD 0.14 U-Value

Exceptional Sound Performance (STC values)

Outside noise from traffic and neighbors can affect your daily comfort levels and even your sleep patterns. One of the easiest ways to reduce or eliminate this outside noise pollution is by selecting Quaker Windows featuring OptiCore Technology.

Quaker offers a variety of glass packages designed specifically to reduce the amount of sound transmitted through your windows by up to 25%, creating a more comfortable and healthier environment for you and your family.

Designed for You

Innovative Design Enhanced Adaptability (IDEA) Essentials

The Quaker IDEA Essentials offer you the design flexibility to realize your vision, without compromising strength, durability or energy efficiency.

Whether your design calls for traditional style or modern contemporary, natural wood or aluminum interior, or different colors inside and out, whatever you envision, Quaker has the IDEA Essentials to turn your vision into reality.

Style & Combination Flexibility

CityLine/C600 and TimberLine/W600 windows were designed to create multiple large window combinations for enhanced aesthetic appearance and to allow more natural light to enter your home or building.

The OptiCore frame design also achieves an AW100 performance rating for large window units. The mulling system offers a variety of structura mulling options offering tighter site lines, enhanced structural performance with more glass area. Assorted combinations and sizes offer expansive views, as well as, year-round comfort.

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